Web Design

In this age of the World Wide Web, a website is an essential tool in every business, profession, or institution. A website makes a strong impact on your image.

Since the internet knows no boundary, your reach prospect is also limitless. We have team up with Gweb Ventures, a Cebu-based, Boholano-owned web design and development firm to help you tap this vast market and audience in a very affordable way without compromising quality.

OUR OFFER: Regardless of your design specification, we can create professionally designed website for you for a one time fee of only Php8,000.00. Included with this package are the following:

Professionally designed website
Zero commitment design mock-up
FREE Social Network Integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
Includes email addresses using @yourdomain.com
Free 1 year 1,000 MB Web Hosting
Free 1 year domain name
Includes FREE Basic SEO
Includes online contact form
Includes Admin Panel for you to update your website content requiring no technical skills
Includes admin panel for you to setup your products online for ecommerce websites, requiring no technical skills

To illustrate our commitment to a quality and honest service, we will create a design mock up of your website for you to evaluate first before actually buying the service. This is absolutely free and no commitment whatsoever. If you don’t like the design, then you can simply reject the proposal at no cost, at all. That is how confident we are with our works.

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